I have made considerable progress on my final project on The Great War and Historical Memory. As of this blog post, I believe that an Omeka site will be the most realistic and feasible medium for the finished project because of the time constraints and research after I storyboarded my project through classic pen and paper. I envision a multi-page project of roughly twelve or thirteen individual pages arranged to tell a story and convey my ideas to college-age students.

My initial goal with storyboarding my project is to decide an Omeka site or a simple WordPress site will be the most useful medium to convey my ideas. Omeka seems to be more than sufficient to create the final project. In preparation, I created a mock site through Omeka and WordPress to compare. WordPress, on its own, is a useful medium but Omeka may be more concise and to the point when creating a site through geolocation to arrange the site through a chronological story. Nevertheless, I may change my mind in the coming days to go with WordPress but I am interested in seeing how Omeka will work with my initial ideas.

I will create a follow-up blog post as I make further progress on my final project. I subsequently plan to utilize either Omeka or WordPress on additional digital humanities topics of interest.

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