My initial concept for my final project is a website that allows students to develop historical thinking skills by comparing and contrasting different monuments and memorials to the Great War. In regards to my project progress, I have decided to create an Omeka site given the time constraints of the project and general feasibility. I have subsequently begun to narrow down which monuments and memorials that I would like students to analyze. I like how Omeka is very user-friendly which will help students to navigate easily the site and all of its functions. My next steps include uploading descriptions and links to various memorials such as the Museum De La Grande Guerre in France to compare how nations remember and memorialize the conflict.

One aspect of designing a site that has been very helpful is listening to past students explain their work and exploring their websites as well as other educational digital history sites. When I began my initial framework I storyboarded my website using pen and paper to think more and visualize how easy it will be to navigate the site. I really like the idea of creating a table of contents or similar media to guide my future students through the website and provide further resources for teachers and professors. I will revise this post as I continue my project and review past students work that was created through Omeka and WordPress.

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